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The Garcons

The House of Comme des Garcons aka “The Garcons” is an international organization that was founded based on the principles of fraternity, education advocacy, and professional growth. The organization exercises these principles through the participation in ballroom competitions. Ballroom allows the members to excel in various categories in which winners are celebrated monetarily and with awards. The Garcons have displayed the ability to dominate in the arena of ballroom while encouraging its members to be responsible community engaged LGBTQ and Cis- Gender adults.

What is CDG Pro?

CDG Pro is the professional and public advocacy branch of the House of Garcon its members are composed of professional members of the LGBTQ community and social-activists whose representation and networks reflect, not only their work but their involvement in the LGBTQ and the International House Ballroom communities.

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We are always looking for new talent to join our international family.  Contact us or ask one of our members about joining the family.

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